2024: new year, new habits

As with other areas of our lives, regularity and awareness of our facial care will bring the best results. But if we sometimes feel stuck or clueless about skincare, a few basic rules can help us get back on track.

1. Use sunscreen every morning!
The damaging effects of UV rays are often underestimated, but proper sunscreen use is vital to maintaining healthy skin and preventing premature ageing.
2. Stay consistent with your facial routine: you'll see results!
Consistent and regular facial care contributes to the health and appearance of your skin. Be patient, because transformation takes time.
3. Never go to bed without washing off your makeup!
Make-up residue at night can not only clog pores, but can also damage your skin's health in the long run. Always clean your face before you go to sleep!
4. If you have a serious problem, don't procrastinate a visit to the dermatologist!
Problems caught early are easier to treat. If something is wrong with your skin, don't delay, make an appointment with a specialist!
5. Don't just look at what's popular: look for the ingredient that treats your skin problem and choose a product based on that.
Skincare is not based on a single solution. You need to know your own skin type and problems and then choose products accordingly.
6. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If you have any questions about skincare, feel free to contact us!
Knowledge is power. If you have questions, don't hesitate to share them. With the right information, you can take better care of your skin.
7. Less is sometimes more: 10 steps in your routine is completely unnecessary, 4-5 is more than enough.
Korean women don't use 10 products at once. It's not the quantity of steps that counts, but rather the quality. You can achieve much better results if you choose the right cosmetics for your face.
8. Don't be afraid to take care of your skin as a man. Taking care of yourself is attractive!
Skincare is not exclusively a women's issue. It's important for everyone to take care of their skin's health and appearance.
9. Skincare is about you, enjoy it!
Don't just see skincare as a chore, but as a way to spend time with yourself and have fun. Choose from our selection of quality Korean masks, put one on and watch your favourite movie! Your skin will thank you and your soul will feel good too:)

Skincare is not just a simple routine, it's an activity that determines our self-confidence and our daily quality of life. Pay attention to your skin and you will soon see the results!
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