Na, On-Gyeol launched late year 2023 has been participating in several on and off line Events actively with passion for accomplishing its mission to provide good skincare products to customers. While the Market for Korean cosmetics is growing year by year, there hasn't been a variety of different products that were introduced to the customers in Hungary.
Our mission has always been to provide the best skincare products to our customers and we have visited many events to meet our customers.

Check out the post where we were featured in Noklapja,


We have participated in KoreaON in Budapest. Thankfully, a lot of people liked our products!



We have been to MondCon where a lot of people showed interest in us!



We have been to Pecs and the reaction of people to our cosmetics was wonderful.


We are pleased to be more active and participate more in the year of 2024.

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