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The most Inspiring Women from South-Korea

OOn the occasion of Women's Day, we would like to commemorate South Korea's most inspiring women, who have deservedly become the centre of attention for their outstanding achievements and exemplary attitudes. These unique female personalities have not only made history but have also contributed to the development of Korean society and the advancement of women.

Tai-young Lee
South Korea's first female lawyer. Overcoming many obstacles, she became the first woman to enter Seoul National University and was later recognised as the country's first female judge. Through Lee's life and work, she achieved significant legal reforms, especially in the field of family law, contributing to the empowerment of Korean women.

CL (Lee Chae-rin)

Charismatic singer of the K-pop group 2NE1. In her music and style, she celebrates the independence and strength of Korean women, defying the stereotype that Korean women should be subdued and submissive.

Kyung-won Park
The country's first female civilian pilot. Park became an airline pilot using her savings from her work as a nurse. She broke many records by demonstrating the talent and determination of female pilots. Sadly, her life came to a tragic end when she died in a plane crash at the age of 32.

Soyeon Yi
South Korea's first astronaut, who also showed exemplary perseverance and determination. Her scientific interest and ambition led her into space, where she excelled in a field once taboo for women

Yu Gwansun
An iconic figure of the Korean independence struggle. She was arrested and tortured by Japanese authorities for her participation in independence protests. Although hér life ended tragically young, her memory and heroism will live on forever in the hearts of the Korean people.

These women are all outstanding examples of what determination and perseverance can achieve.

We at Na, on-Gyeol believe that every woman deserves the best and deserves to feel inspired!

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Source: The Culture Trip: The Most Inspiring Women to Know from South Korea

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