5 K-beauty trend Koreából!

5 K-beauty trend Koreából!

What trends can we expect in 2024? What could be relevant for us? Read on, our blog will tell you:)

Trend #1: Gentle exfoliation
The days of strong acids are coming to an end, but physical exfoliation is not good for the skin either, as the tiny, uneven particles in exfoliants cause micro damage and damage the skin's protective layer. What's the solution? Exfoliating cosmetics that naturally contain acids. One such product is Mixsoon Bean Essence, which exfoliates with the power of fermented soybeans, with natural AHA acids that are extremely gentle, so you're sure not to damage your skin's barrier layer, even with daily use.

Trend #2: Hybrid products
In a fast-paced world, we like quick fixes. We like to apply sunscreen and moisturise at the same time, we like to apply lipstick and care for our lips at the same time, exfoliate and moisturise at the same time. In the past, many Western brands have responded to this need with 3in1 products or moisturisers that include SPF in the skincare routine (the effects of these are not discussed here).
Recently, the Korean cosmetics world has also opened up to this kind of innovation, so it is likely to be part of this year's trends. The Mixsoon Bean Essence is a very good example here as well, as it moisturises when used every day as a 'normal' essence, and can be rubbed into the skin a few times a week for a gentle exfoliating effect.

Trend #3: Centella Asiatica
A huge trend for the last year and one that shows no sign of fading this year, it's no wonder it's a super ingredient for all skin types that soothes, moisturises and promotes wound healing. It's packed with amino acids, antioxidants, promotes collagen production, reduces inflammation and supports skin hydration by keeping moisture from leaving the skin's surface.
Find our Centella products here.

Trend #4: More focus on environmental awareness
Thankfully, more and more brands are recognising their role in protecting the environment and taking steps to do so. Whether it's paper packaging, less waste, or cruelty-free products, there's plenty to choose from as responsible customers.
At Na, on-Gyeol, we only sell cosmetics that are as environmentally friendly and cruelty-free as possible, and we have designed our own packaging system to minimise the use of plastic.

Trend #5: Focus on skin barrier protection/repair
The craze for exfoliating acids in previous years has had its effect: the protective barrier of many of our skin has been damaged. But what can we do to prevent/repair this?
A new game changer ingredient in skincare is bifida, which does just that. It's worth being patient and consistent with it, but if we're persistent, about two weeks and it will bring the desired results. It leaves skin smooth, hydrated and healthy.
You can find our bifida products here.

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