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OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream (Sleeping Pack-Leave on)

OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream (Sleeping Pack-Leave on)

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Discover the intense soothing effect of Centella Asiatica and the gentle power of flowers with OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream!

This highly concentrated moisturizing cream with 50,000 ppm Centella Assiatica Extract and Flower Complex containing 9 different flower extracts helps soothe and deeply moisturize sensitive skin and helps prevent the visible signs of aging. Forms a protective layer that prevents moisture from leaving the surface of the skin.

CICA - Centella Asiatica
Centella Asiatica - also known as CICA - was a herb known in ancient China for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes wound healing, skin regeneration and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Flower Complex
With the power of 9 flowers, it refreshes the skin and helps to enhance the moisturising and soothing effect. It contains lavender and rosemary extracts, and much more.

Helps to smooth fine lines and supports the fight against the formation of wrinkles.

A skin soothing, moisturising ingredient that also supports wound healing.

End the day with healthy hydrated skin using OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream!

Package size: 50ml/1,69 FL. OZ.

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After washing your face, pump an appropriate amount of OBED Green CICA Sleeping Cream and apply it gently on your face. Let it absorb overnight.

A sleeping cream that is not a Wash-off, but a Leave-on that is easily applied to the face and helps you have a good night.

Centella Asiatica extract, Flower Herb Calming Complex, Adenosine, Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide.