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Do you have a weak skin barrier? Are the mainstream cosmetics that many people love irritating your skin?

The Mixsoon Bifida product line is the solution for you!

Mixsoon Bifida Toner is made especially for you. There is nothing unnecessary in this product, only what is essential: 100% pure Bifida Fermented Extract.

What is Bifida?
An ingredient extracted from the fermentation of natural probiotic bacteria that helps maintain the skin's natural microflora.

Prepares you for the next step
Mixsoon Bifida Toner is an excellent base for your other cosmetics. It normalises skin pH and, when applied with a cotton pad, gently exfoliates the surface of your skin.

Scientifically Proven Effectiveness
The Toner is specifically effective in treating sensitive skin. It restores the skin's protective layer and makes it more resistant to everyday environmental stresses.

Use in combination with Mixsoon Bifida Essence for maximum effect!

Package size: 150ml/5.1 FL. OZ.

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Apply an appropriate amount of MIXSOON BIFIDA Toner to wipe and tap after cleansing your face.

MIXSOON ESSENCE and BOOSTING TONER are made for each other!

Bifida Ferment Extract 100%